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Why Crew Linens?

Before Richard Branson started Virgin Airways, a friend asked why he did not own an airline. He dialed British Airlines and was immediately placed on hold. He hung up the phone and said "Ok, there is a market".  Google crew bedding, sheets, or linens and you will find many companies that offer “bedding for crew”. How many offer pricing online or even quality information? How about zero! “Ok, there is a market” 

Our mission is to provide a quality line of products for crew to purchase in a unique environment designed to fit within the yacht budget.

We feel that “Time is a Commodity” in the yacht industry. Time costs money, time is money, and there are never enough of both. We strive to provide an easy to use service to create custom bedding for the crew domain. Our reps are a commodity of time and money savers. We understand the needs of crew on all aspects of a new build, refit, or seasonal change. Allow us to alleviate the stress associated with shopping for interior custom services. We have all been on the receiving end of an owner wishing to save a few dollars.

“Go to Bed Bath and Beyond” for the crew. We live and die by the statement that has plagued us for so many years. There is a better way. We have the stocks and means you require to outfit the largest yachts of the future. Give Crew Linens the opportunity to bid on your next 90m Yacht and thank us for showing you “There is a Better Way”.

For Crew by Crew and always thinking of you –Crew Linens Team